Duchess Meghan Markle has overcome the hate


For the trolls who abuses Duchess Meghan Markle on all social media platforms,may karma find you.



Queen Elizabeth II exposes the royal grift

So, on a day when #abolishthemonarchy is trending in the UK, because Queen Elizabeth II decided that it is in the best interest of the Monarchy to spend millions of pounds paying off her 60 something-year-old son’s legal fees. Andrew, the golden child of Queen Elizabeth has been accused of having sex repeatedly with a minor.

One young lady stepped forward and boldly named her abuser. Now the fight is on to hold Prince Andrew accountable. When women are brave enough to speak out against their abuse, we should listen and support them, not call them liars or attention-seekers.

Andrew arrogantly declared that he was at Pizza Express, but a witness and photographic evidence say otherwise.

The Queen has decided to use her considerable hidden wealth, global power, and influence to join the fight against a victim of sex trafficking.

The media and royalists claim that it will be from private funds and not taxpayer funds and that there is a difference. Where did the funds in Elizabeth’s private offshore accounts come from? Isn’t it from the taxpayers? And for those who claim that it is inherited wealth, where did that inheritance come from?

Do you remember when Andrew bought a Bentley and he was estimated to be worth over 50 million pounds? Yet now, it is being reported that he is broke.

Remember when Queen Elizabeth claimed she couldn’t afford to heat Buckingham Palace, and the UK government immediately granted her millions of pounds annually?

What about when the Queen begged the UK government for a COVID-19 bailout while businesses were on the verge of failure?

Now all of a sudden, she has millions to splash out on fighting her son Andrew’s legal battles. Where was this private fund all along? Why is Andrew now broke?

The myth that the royals are bringing in money through tourism is one of the biggest falsehood perpetuated by the UK media. The Palace of Versailles receives millions more in tourism than Buckingham Palace, and it’s empty, and has been turned into a museum. People go to the UK to see the palaces, not the grifting parasitic royals.

Can the media and royalists do the world a favor and shut up? The fact is that the money to pay for Andrew will be funded by the UK taxpayers. Every child born into that family is just another mouth for the taxpayers to feed. Marcus Rushford is feeding kids in the UK out of his own pocket. How many kids not a part of the royal family has Queen Elizabeth fed?

Queen Elizabeth is not some sort of deity. What have Elizabeth and the royal family ever truly done for the UK and the Commonwealth? There are still nurses who are overworked and underpaid. There are families that are homeless and hungry. Women are being raped and murdered at an alarming rate. If Elizabeth has the power to make sure laws are implemented to benefit her and her grifting family, then she can do a whole lot more to advocate for women’s rights. She can also make sure that some of her considerable wealth goes to food banks to reduce poverty. She can damn well make sure there are enough homeless shelters too.
Instead of taking from the UK taxpayers and Commonwealth and African countries, she can start contributing some of that hidden wealth to help the less fortunate.

After all, isn’t her life supposed to be one of service to others and not just service to herself and her messed-up family?

Queen Elizabeth has spent 95 years of her life grifting off the taxpayers, and has only contributed by doing the bare minimum; cutting ribbons, waving, travelling the world in private jets and helicopters, and releasing a speech of condolences here and there to the plebs. The royal family can contribute a lot more than photo-ops, but sadly, they choose the easier path by doing nothing or the bare minimum.

Elizabeth, have you ever considered selling that golden piano to feed those in need? No? I thought so. Prince William is looking for a third home. How about turning the other two into shelters for the homeless, including one for army veterans who fought for their queen and country? or a bed and breakfast for the hard working nurses, as they deserve to be treated like royalty.

Show that you care, apart from reciting out-of-touch word salad speeches prepared for you by your outdated staff, which means absolutely nothing in the face of this global crisis.


Meghan Markle is NOT the demon here, you are

Thomas Markle finally spilled the beans in an Australian “no holds barred” interview. Thomas revealed that the staged paparazzi pics were a set up in order to stop Harry and Meghan’s wedding in 2018.

He called out the names of Jeff Raynor, Dillon Howard, and Jason Knauf. Thomas Markle stated that Jason Knauf was the one he was in contact with at Kensington Palace. And guess who lives at Kensington Palace? That’s right, Prince William and Kate Middleton, the same Kate Middleton who bullied and reduced Meghan Markle to tears at her own wedding dress fitting. Sources claimed that Kate Middleton threw a hissy-bitch fit.

Who is Jeff Raynor? Who is Dillon Howard? Dillon Howard has been implicated in many national scandals involving the likes of Donald Trump and Harvey Weinstein. He is also a former National Enquirer editor. He is, in short, a tabloid henchman.

The pressure that these people have put on this woman so that she won’t be with their beloved Prince is just plain evil and cruel. Even Harry himself said so.

So to the Meghan Markle hate groups on social media, Meghan is not the monster here, you are.

I suggest that you all take a long hard look in the mirror before you point your hateful fingers at her.

Meghan Markle is 5 feet 5 inches and Prince Harry is over 6 feet tall. It is disgusting that the UK media has managed to demonize this woman and infantilize Prince Harry. Meghan Markle is not a demon, and Prince Harry is not a child. He does not need you to tell him how to treat his wife and how to run his marriage. He saw his father treating his mother like trash, and he is doing the opposite with his wife when he could have easily continued the cycle.

As Meghan says, a lie doesn’t live forever.

A word of warning to Rupert Murdoch’s media machine and his royal puppets: be careful of the lives you try to destroy, be careful of the hate you put out into this world, because karma is a bitch.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
― Martin Luther King Jr


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